What To Look For When Buying A Roof Box Buyer Guide 2023

What To Look For When Buying A Roof Box includes roof box construction material, roof box Size, roof box Garage Storage Mechanism, Gas Mileage, And Fuel Economy of Roof Boxes before selecting, buying, choosing, or even checking out your favorite brand from the market. Choosing the correct roof box for your car, truck, or SUV allows you to expand or enjoy Extra load-carrying capacity other on the roof other than the boot interior storage compartment.

Having the correct roof box makes it easier for you to transport luggage, sporting gear, equipment, kayaks, Golf clubs, hiking during the weekend, camping, Over-landing, road trip, or even a summer getaway or staycation to your favorite destination.!

Review: 10 Best Tips OF What To Look For When Buying A Roof Box In 2022

1. Familiarize Yourself With Roof Box Size You Need/Compatibility.

The First Thing You Should Consider When Listing What To Look For When Buying A Roof Box Is Being Familiar Of How To Measure The Size Of The Roof Box You Need For Your Car. You can use DTAPE DT50 Laser Distance Meter ,Tape Measure, ruler, precision micrometer, or caliper to take Roof Box Size measurements. After going through our research, we found out size is among the major, if not vital, factors of What To Look For When Buying A Roof Box.

It comes in three different categories, which include ¬Ĺ,3/4, and full width, which is equivalent or compatible with mid-size, ample car, and extra-large estate vehicles car boots, respectively.

Good things first, to get a roof box that is 100% the proper size or compatible with the roof of your car, you should be familiar with the size or volume of the load, cargo, luggage, gear, or other accessories that you will be transporting in the box while on top of your car.

Going for an appropriate size prevents the roof box brand that you will pick from damaging the moonroof. sunroof, roof Rails, or roof racks of your vehicle/car.

However, if you are not familiar with the size of the roof box, you need to talk to us, and we will help you choose the right size for your specific car model. Also, consider going for a kind of box that is compatible with a wide range of roof box storage ideas.

Pros of getting the correct Size Roof box

  • Makes your trip enjoyable
  • Minimizes road accidents
  • Keeps the roof rack scratch-free
  • East mounting and unmounting
  • Improves overall load capacity
  • It makes driving on empty or loaded

Cons of

  • Time-consuming
  • Requires skilled labor

2. Enlighten Yourself With Different Roof Box Garage Storage Mechanism

Next up, you need to be familiar with Roof Box Storage types that are 100% compatible with your home garage. You don’t want to get a roof box that is incompatible with your garage door or gate. Moreover, the low-profile design ensures that the roof box is 100% free from possible scratches on your garage doors. Also, going for a roof box compatible with the size of your garage door or gate ensures that it mains factory rest paint.

After considering all the constant factors of what to look for in a roof box before buying, our editors pick a low-profile roof box to buy that works effectively with different garage storage options

Following that, we highly recommend you consider going for a roof rack brand that takes up a low-profile design. For this reason, selecting a low-profile roof box ensures you enjoy the total value of the money you spend on the buying process.

In addition, the going brand that comes with roof box storage brackets works effectively with different garage designs. With this in mind, we found the most appropriate storage brackets that allow the roof box to be compatible with different garage designs.

Some of the meaningful roof box types that are the one that is compatible with different garage designs are the ones that work effectively with either roof box ceiling Hoist DIY, roof Cargo box Ceiling Storage, wall hanger system, or roof box garage storage mechanism.


  • Prevent garage door damage
  • Storage is easier
  • Create enough storage space
  • Organizes your garage
  • Makes a roof box to be compatible with small storage space


  • Low load capacity
  • Skyrockets roof box price.

3.Familiarize Your-Self With Types Of Roof Box Gas Mileage And Fuel Economy

Following that up here at rackpolicy.com, we recommend that before buying or checking out a roof box from the market, be familiar with the Gas Mileage or fuel economy of driving with a loaded or an empty roof box on your car. Good thing first. Adding a roof box on top of your car contributes to a 5% increase in overall vehicles car mileage and fuel consummation accruing to Thule, which is one of the biggest and well knows roof box manufactures

However, to ensure that you will not be a frequent visitor to a gas or fuel filling station, going for a roof box with a 100% Aerodynamic design professionally reduces wind resistance which in turn minimizes fuel consumption and gas mileage by minimizing wind/air friction either when driving on empty or a loaded roof box.

After conducting our research, we found the best, if not the most fuel-efficient roof box for sale or that money can buy from the market as they take an aerodynamic and 100% sleek design.

Moreover, unlike its competitors, Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box was our editor’s pick for a roof box with impressive fuel consumption as you should only expect a 10-20% effect on MPG (-5.5 mpg ), which is the gas or fuel consumption per mileage due to the added weight and change of overall vehicles aerodynamics.

What We Like About Aerodynamic Design Roof Box

  • Modifies fuel economy
  • Allows you to stay on budget


4. Different Types Of Roof Box Attachment Rack And Rails You Will Be Working With

Like other colleges in this list, being familiar with the type of roof rack and rails present on the acr you will be installing the roof box allows you to pick the right brand. The Benefit Of Being Familiar With Rack And Rails Present is that it allows you to select what roof box fits your car factory reset Clamp Mounts, Flush Rail Mounts, or even Raised Rail Mounts option.

After that, consider selecting a roof rack molded from high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy to protect the roof rack, roof box, and the mount on your car roof from rust.

Moreover, a roof rack with LESS NOISE will also determine the type of roof box you will pick. Due to this reason, your preferred roof rack brand should come with an aerodynamic shape to professionally minimize noise caused by air roof box friction when driving with a loaded or empty roof box on top of your car with the (30 mph+) approximate high-speed.

Next up, it is also good to note that roof rack MATERIAL & FUNCTION also determines the type of roof box you are going to select.

If you buy a heavy-duty roof box like theirs, consider going for Deformation-resistant aluminum roof rack brands, as they can better support high roof box Load capacity with kg/LBS as the measurement unit.

Fixed Point Mounts, Gutter Mounts, Track Mounts, or even the roof rack that will allow me to install a roof box on car’s roofs that come with Permanent Mounts or verse Versa.

Another major factor to consider is to be familiar with where you are. I can get a roof rack to support a roof box installed. Look around and select the best place near you to install a roof rack so mounting a roof box on top of your car can be much more accessible and 1005 safe.

Furthermore, when looking for a roof box brand to buy, we highly recommend you to give the brand that is compatible with either custom or fabricated, or even after-market roof rack models.


  • Allow you to pick the correct box
  • Minimizes noise when driving
  • It makes driving with an empty roof box possible
  • Improves roof box durability
  • improves car appearance
  • Minimizes possible road accident


  • Time-consuming as you have to filter through original and counterfeit roof racks or rails to get a reliable and high-performing brand compatible with different roof box Models, either the ones with soft-top roof boxes or the hard-top roof box.

Not Sure What to Do Next

 Hopefully, after going through our post, you are familiar with some of the priority features and tips for buying a roof box either for manual, Hybrid, diesel, or petro to electric vehicles.

With all the above factors considered Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box and INNO – 9 CuFt 320 Rooftop Cargo RoofBox emerged to be, our editor’s pick and runner-up pick of the top-rated car, SUV, or any other vehicle roof box on the market as they are both reliable, durable, showcase impressive fuel consumption/economy, appropriate size and also 100% high performing.


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