10 Best Roof Rack For Toyota Rav4 2022

The best roof rack for Toyota rav4, the first compact crossover SUV from Toyota, should offer an increased cargo room and have an aerodynamic structure to 100% promote fuel economy while reducing noise and wind resistance.Best Roof Rack For Toyota Rav4

Moreover, the Toyota rav4 roof rack should be straightforward to install, feature key and lock technology to promote anti-theft and come with a Matte Powder Coating (Black) and 100% aluminum to promote non-corrosion and rust resistant ability.

Can you put a roof rack on a Toyota RAV4? 100% Yes, you can, as RAV4s come with factory side rails, making roof rack installation possible.

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Reviews: 10 Best Roof Rack For Toyota Rav4 2022

1.BougeRV Car Cross Bars 2019-2022 Toyota RAV4 with Side Rails Roof Rack Reviews

Roof rack cross bars from BougeRV are molded from aluminum, which, besides being light, is also high grade. Because of this, the Aluminum BougeRV Roof rack has a more extraordinary ability to withstand more noteworthy stresses, rust, and corrosion.Best Roof Rack For Toyota Rav4 It is also 100% Easy to install as no drilling is necessary as it fits Toyota Rav4 rails In Minutes. Moreover. It comes with full mounting hardware and a complete roof rack mounting kit, which is 100% appropriately labeled.

These BougeRV roof rack crossbars work perfectly with 2019,2020,2021, and 2022 RAV4 modes. However, the only downside is that BougeRV roof rack crossbars are not compatible with TRD Off-Road and ADVENTURE, which fall under the Toyota RAV4 within the year range of 2013-2018 as they come with side rails.

It has 72kg /160lbs as the approximate load roof rack capacity. Due to these reasons, BougeRV Car Cross Bars is the Ideal Toyota RAV4 roof rack for transporting roof bags, bike carriers, roof boxes, surfboards, canoes, ladders, sporting goods, kayaks, overlanding gear, and camping luggage.

Lastly, it comes with a 100% 12-Month manufacturer Warranty, which accompanies unlimited customer support.

  • 12-Months Warranty
  • Dual duty (kayak, bike, canoes compatible)
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • 150 Lb. Load Capacity
  • 100% secure
  • Durable and high performing
  • Reliable Toyota Rav4 roof rack
  • Not foldable

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2.Prinsu Toyota -5th-Generation 2019-2021 Rav4 Roof Rack Review

Taking the second spot on our review, find Prinsu ROOF RACK complete kit as the best expert and beginner roof rack for 2019-2021 5th-Generation Toyota rav4 Models.

DISCLAIMER, despite being one of the compact roof racks on our review from Prinsu, this 5th-Generation Roof Rack is not compatible with panoramic sunroofs Toyota Rav4 models, such as XLE trim and the XLE trim.

It is also a compact roof rack that ensures that the windshield wiper’s size is 1005 protected. On the other hand, it also provides that your dashboard lights are visible when driving in winter, snow, or at night.

Unlike its competitors, Prinsu is the only roof rack that allows all the e 5th-Generation 2019-2021  Rav4  to achieve impressive 27 MPG city / 35 MPG highway on Standard and 41 MPG city / 38 MPG highway on Hybrid Toyota Rav4 variants.

With edge trim and modern noise-reducing technology, you can enjoy a smooth driving experience when driving in rugged Australian, Americana, Canadian winter, or trails with uneven and rough terrains.

Moreover, the compact nature of the Prinsu roof rack allows it to be compatible with a wide range of rooftop gear and cargo add-ons such as roof boxes, waterproof cargo bags,  hybrids woods and irons, golf clubs carriers, top roof tents for different Toyota rav4 models.

  • It comes as a 100% complete kit
  • Compact
  • Easy installation
  • Molded from aluminum
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to mount
  • Best beginner option
  • Not compatible with panoramic sunroof

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3.Autekcomma Toyota RAV4 2019 -2022 Cross Bars Roof Rack Review

Taking the third position on our review, find roof Cross Bars as the best roof rack for Toyota rav4 from autekcomma.Unlike ORIGINAL OEM ONE, Autekcomma Cross Bars Roof Rack comes with a modern metal locking mechanism. best roof rack for Toyota rav4 from autekcommaThus, it is more secure and 100% better when compared head to head with the factory option. Additionally, it is made good use of Die-Casting alloy aluminum as the primary raw material for the crossbar clamp. On the other hand, a 2mm aluminum heavy-duty metal was used as the main roof rack bar.

Due to this reason, Autekcomma Toyota RAV4 2019 -2022 Cross Bars Roof Rack is not only durable and functional but also 100% effective. It is also 100% rust, scratch, and corrosion resistant when transposing luggage, bikes, kayaks, cargo boxes or roof boxes in extremely harsh conditions such as winter or summer, as it has a black coating.

Furthermore, Toyota RAV4 2019 -2022 Cross Bars Roof Rack from Autekcomma is coated with Black Matte Powder to make it non-corrosion, thus promoting overall durability and functionality. Moreover, the Black Matte Powder gives Toyota RAV4 2019 -2022 an authentic finish if not appearance.

However, the only downside of Autekcomma Toyota RAV4 2019 -2022 Cross Bars is that it is the only roof rack on our review that is not compatible with TRD Off-Road and Adventure Toyota RAV4 variants on our review.

  • Anti-theft technology
  • Easy installation
  • Cleans easily
  • Rust proof
  • 100% durable
  • Dual duty product
  • Decently priced
  • Not TRD Off-Road and Adventure compatible.

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4.Folding 4-In-1 J-Cradle Canoe, SUP, Surfboard, Ski Board Rooftop Carrier Mount on Rav4 SUV, Car and Truck 2 Kayaks Roof Rack Review

Following that up, find the best kayak roof rack for Toyota rav4 available for sale on the market. The compact nature of this folding rack is the reason why we found it to be an outstanding gen 2, Gen 3, and gen 4 kayak roof rack for Toyota rav4.best kayak roof rack for Toyota rav4 This Folding Kayak Rack creates enough space on the roof. Due to this reason, you can use the 37.5 cubic feet of storage space available in the boot or the RAV4’s rear seats to carry fragile cargo.

Other than being easy to install, Folding Kayak Rack is even compatible with 2 kayaks on rav4 as it is compatible with rav4 car luggage racks, which may either be flat, square, or oval and crossbars. The only downs side of the folding kayak roof rack for Toyota rav4 is that it is not compatible with models with round bars.

It has an industrial-grade mounting bracket that is compact and features a wide range of accessories graphics. Due to this reason, installing this kayak rack on the roof of your Toyota rav4 is 100% easy and achievable.

Moreover, unlike other Gen 2, Gen 3, and gen 4 Toyota rav4 kayak racks on the market, this 180° Folding Design brand is governed by premium installation customer support, thus making to be one of the reliable options for mounting a kayak on any Toyota rav4 variant models.

  • Loaded with all accessories
  • Easy to mount
  • 180° Folding Design
  • Adjustable Toyota rav4 kayak roof rack
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • 7 Pounds Load Capacity
  • Foldable
  • All-weather roof rack
  • Weighs ‎6 pounds

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5.Thule Hullavator Pro Rooftop 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE Kayak Carrier Roof Rack Review.

The fifth spot on our review finds the Hullavator Pro Rooftop Carrier from Thule as the editors pick the best kayak roof rack for the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE that comes at just under $1000.The Thule kayak rack’s aerodynamic shape is why a Toyota rav4 ev will definitely improve fuel efficiency as it minimizes friction.best kayak roof rack for the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE

It is also a jack of all trades besides transporting kayaks on the roof. This folding rack is also an outstanding option for mounting canoes, snowboards, SUP, and paddle boards, as it features a functional paddle board buckle and iron plate.

Other than being SUPER EASY to install, Thule Hullavator Pro Rooftop Toyota RAV4 kayak Roof Rack also minimizes the noise from the wind when driving as it takes up an aerodynamics design/shape.

Moreover, it is crafted from lightweight aluminum. Due to this reason, a Toyota rav4 ev can achieve an EPA of approximately 42-mile when transporting a kayak on EV Mode driving.

The most exciting thing is the Thule Pro Rooftop Carrier is also compatible with trainspotting kayaks with Toyota rav4 ev 2022 and either the silver, white, black or gold Toyota rav4 prime use as it comes as a complete mounting kit.

  • Minimizes Noise
  • Heavy duty roof rack
  • Light in weight
  • Lift-assist rack
  • Rust-free roof rack
  • Load Capacity 75 Pounds
  • Weighs 39.7 Pounds
  • Not foldable

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6.Rhino XA50 5dr SUV Gen5 TOYOTA Rav4 With Elevated Roof Rails Low Profile Fiberglass Roof Top Tent Roof Rack 2019- 2022 Review.

Following that up, find the best low-profile roof top tent roof rack for  XA50 5dr SUV Gen5 TOYOTA Rav4 With Elevated Roof Rail from Rhino with a price of just below $1500 on amazon eBay. It is also the only roof rack brand on our list compatible with 6ft Toyota rav4 roof boxes, cargo baskets, or waterproof cargo bags.best RHINO low-profile roof top tent roof rack for  XA50 5dr SUV Gen5 TOYOTA Rav4 The Rhino rooftop tent rack’s low-profile design allows it to be compatible with 7 and 8-seater TOYOTA Rav4. In addition, the low-profile mechanism also made the rhino rack to be our editor’s pick for the XA40 4dr Gen4 SUV TOYOTA Rav4, which debuted in the year 2013-2018.

By coming as a complete kit installing Rhino rooftop, and tent roof rack is 100% easy on  Adventure and not and the Toyota RAV4 Premium (2013) models without damaging both the exterior and interior features of this medium size SUV as no prior drilling or cutting is necessary as the mounting hardware come with all the essential accessories.

Moving on is the only fiberglass Toyota rav4 roof top tent roof rack as it comes with aluminum frames that are 100% reinforced using fiberglass and nylon material. Due to this reason, it allows you to enjoy a smooth driving experience on different topographies.

Furthermore, the low profile of the rhino rack for roof top tent design allows you to install additional brake lights on either 8th gen or 8-passenger Toyota rav4 models such as the Second generation (XA20; 2000), Third generation (XA30; 2005), and Fifth generation (XA50; 2018) Toyota RAV4 models.

  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Waterproof
  • Rust free
  • Multi-purpose Toyota RAV4 roof rack
  • Does not scratch the sun/moon roof
  • No drilling is required
  • Relatively expensive

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7.Thule Easy Fold XT 2 Hitch Toyota Rav4 Bike Rack Review

Next, find Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch as the best bike roof rack for Toyota  Rav4 LE, which is 100% the entry-level base model.

Furthermore, by being molded from Premium and high-quality steel, EasyFold XT 2 Hitch rack is also a bike rack that effectively mounts heavy mountain bikes and e-bikes MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC Toyota  rav4 models such as and respectively.best Thule bike roof rack for Toyota  Rav4 LE It features a 100% integrated bike ramp, which, other than a folding design, also makes loading and unloading the bike more manageable and more enjoyable.

Unlike other rav4 bike racks on the market, EasyFold XT 2 Hitch from Thule comfortably Fits 2″ and 1.25″ receivers effectively. Furthermore, it does not prior to cutting or drilling as it is a complete kit that is effortless, and the installation is 100% tool-free.

Moreover, due to the compact nature of the Thule EasyFold bike rack, it is also a dual-duty bike rack for transporting bikes using the RAV4 Sport Model and the RAV4 Limited Model without negatively influencing fuel consumption.

By featuring torque knobs, you are guaranteed to enjoy a rattle-free ride on different topography as, together with the industrial ratcheting wheel straps Thule XT 2 Hitch rack holds either e-bikes, mountain bikes, or traditional bicycles firmly on other Toyota  Rav4 models with a non-slip grip.

Lastly, with just 130 lbs. / 65 lbs. as the maximum load capacity per bike, expect to transport bikes with Fat Bike Wheel or tires of up to a thickness of 4.7″.However, here at rack policy, we recommend being familiar with EasyFold XT 2 Hitch bike rack from Thule compatibility with Toyota Rav4 receiver hitch before checking out.

  • Tool-free installation
  • E-bike is compatible
  • Fully foldable design
  • high-load capacity
  • easy storage
  • Anti-slip grip
  • torque limiting knobs
  • 130 lbs. / 65 lbs. as load capacity
  • Weighs ‎45 Pounds

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8.YAKIMA, Lock Load Toyota rav4 Spare Wheel /Tire Holder Roof Racks Review.

Whether you are a Toyota rav4 v6 or Toyota rav4 v8 fanatic, find YAKIMA, LockNLoad wheel holder as the best spare tire roof rack for Toyota rav4 that has 100 Pounds as the approximate roof rack cargo load capacity.best YAKIMA spare tire roof rack for Toyota rav4 Another reason we found YAKIMA, LockNLoad to be our favorite  Toyota rav4 spare tire roof rack is that it features an aerodynamic design that helps in improves Toyota rav4 gas mileage.

Boosting approximately 100lbs as the maximum load capacity YAKIMA, LockNLoad  roof rack can easily carry 1 wheel with 42x17R tire size. Due to this reason, it is compatible with the Toyota rav4 with a hitch as it improves towing ability when overlanding in rough trails.

It also comes with hook straps that, together with heavy-duty steel ratchets, allow professionally secure tires and wheels on v6 or v8 Toyota rav4 without causing engine or roof problems.

Moreover, it has industrial-grade cast-steel eyelets. Due to the presence of a black-zinc plating/coating, it ensures that YAKIMA, LockNLoad is free from rust and keeps your gear secure during on-road and offload overlanding outdoor Rated standards with a v6 or a v8 Toyota rav4.

  • Easy installation
  • Durable design
  • thoroughly tested
  • Off-road compatible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • assembly required

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9.Heavy Duty 2019- 2022  Toyota RAV4 Rooftop Cargo Carrier Basket Sunroof or Moonroof Roof Racks Review.

Next, find Heavy Duty Roof Basket as the best budget roof rack for Toyota rav4  with sunroof or moon-roof available for sale. Additionally, it comes with easy-to-follow Toyota RAV4 roof rack manufacturer user manual brochures. Thus the installation process only takes minutes and requires no prior experience.best budget roof rack for Toyota rav4  with sunroof or moonroof Good things. First, it comes with 300lbs as the maximum load capacity. Due to this reason, we found it to be 100% compatible with 2019,2020, 2021, and 2022 Toyota Rav4 variants, as it plays a vital role in protecting both the exterior and interior features of Toyota Rav4 as the load weight is evenly distributed.

Unlike other candidates in our review, Toyota Rav4 Heavy Duty Roof Racks Basket comes with a complete kit and mounting hardware. Thus, the installation process only requires you to mount and bolt this rack on factory Toyota Rav4 rails, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, it is also one of the more accessible roof rack brands to either assemble, install, or even remove, as no prior cutting or resizing to drilling is required. However, the only downside is that Heavy Duty Roof Racks Basket only works with 2019-2022

F Toyota RAV4 models come with factory reset flush side rails but are 100% not compatible with other vehicles, trucks, or SUVs with raised side rails.

  • 100% aluminum
  • User’s manual
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Decently priced
  • Sleek design
  • Relatively pricier

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10.YAKIMA Rooftop Equipment and Gear LoadWarrior Cargo Basket Roof Rack Storage Review.

Last but not least, the YAKIMA Rooftop LoadWarrior Cargo Basket is the best roof rack for Toyota rav4 4-wheel drive that offers additional equipment and gear storage and load capacity either during off-road and on-road over landing or camping expeditions.best Yakima roof rack for Toyota rav4 4-wheel drive It features an industrial-grade basket that is crafted from heavy-duty steel construction. Due to this reason, the YAKIMA Rooftop Toyota rav4 basket; is durable and 100% free from rust and corrosion, unlike its competitors and predecessors.

As an addition, the Yakima roof rack for Toyota rav4 also comes with quality rubber pads that ensure that the moonroof or sunroof of a 4×4 Toyota rav4 is free from scratches and damage to ensure that the performance and capability are not comprised

Moreover, it features a bolt-on design which makes it to be compatible with 4-wheel drive, either when driving on a Toyota rav4 on Rocks, Mud, Dirt, Normal terrain, or even on Sand topographies.

Despite a Toyota rav4 with a 4-cylinder oil capacity, the aerodynamic design of  YAKIMA Rooftop  Cargo Basket allows it to have 5 quarts as the minimum oil consumption. In contrast, on the other side, the aerodynamic shape of the Yakima rooftop cargo basket is equally vital as a 6-cylinder Toyota rav4 engine only requires 6 quarts as the minimum motor oil consumption requirement when the roof rack is 100% loaded.

With custom wind fairing technology, expect to enjoy a quiet ride as the wind deflector. Aerodynamic design minimizes noise in either driver and 6-passenger cabins of a 6-seater 4wd Toyota rav4 when driving in rugged topography.

  • Features and aerodynamic design
  • 1005 easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4-wheel drive compatible
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Minimal assembly
  • Weighs 25 pounds

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Not Sure What to Do Next

YAKIMA, Rooftop LoadWarrior Cargo Basket was the top while taking our runner-up editor’s pick of the best roof rack for Toyota rav4 was BougeRV Cross Bars with Side Rails Roof Rack that is for sale today.

Because of this reason, here at rackpolicy.com, we recommend you consider being familiar with the model of the Toyota RAV4 that you are planning to upgrade.


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