10 Best Roof Rack For Toyota Highlander 2022 Reviewed

The best roof rack for Toyota Highlander, also known as Toyota Kluger, must be heavy duty, stylish, have safety features, and also user-friendly. these roof racks should aslo feature all Toyota Highlander roof rack accessories to promote utility and versatility.

Moreover, the Toyota highlander roof rack system should have heavy-duty crossbars and roof rails to make mounting kayaks, top roof tents, canoes, surfboards, roof boxes, and cargo baskets to protective gear or luggage on a Toyota highlander roof 100% achievable.Best Roof Rack For Toyota Highlander

Could you also be wondering if you can add a roof rack to a Toyota highlander? You can add and remove the roof rack on the 5, 6,7, or 8-seater passenger Toyota highlander models.

Furthermore, these roof racks should also come with an easy-to-follow user manual, and complete mounting hardware to make configurations process or how to install on a Toyota highlander roof rack easy to follow.

Let dive in!

Reviews: 10 Best Roof Rack For Toyota Highlander In 2022 Reviewed

1.MOSTPLUS XLE And Limited Platinum, SE Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Cross Bar 2014-2019 Review.

Good things first. By coming with Natural and industrial-grade smooth lines, MOST PLUS can minimize wind noise as it is 100% rattle free.Best Roof Rack For Toyota Highlander Besides being rattle-free, the MOST PLUS roof rack is brand compatible with Toyota highlander with 3rd-row seat to offer 8-seater passengers such as the Base L and midrange LE models.

Moreover, the wind deflector technology reduces roof rack wind friction when driving to or against wind and also maintains a reasonable gas per mileage consumption economy of a Toyota highlander

Does Toyota highlander have a roof rack? Well, then find MOSTPLUS as our editors pick of Toyota Highlander Limited and SE editions roof rack that comes with complete mounting hardware.

Due to this reason how the process of how to install, configure or uninstall the MOSTPLUS XLE roof rack on 2014-2019 Toyota highlander models is easy and fast as no prior measurement, cutting, or experience is required.

However, the only downside of the Roof Rack Cross Bar from MOSTPLUS is that it is not compatible with other highlander models apart from the SE, XLE, and Limited 2014 -2019 Toyota Highlander.

It also comes with 150 lbs., which is equal to (68 kg) as the approximately maximum Cargo load Capacity. Because of this reason, the Roof Rack Cross Bar from MOST PLUS   is the main reason the SE, XLE, and Limited Toyota Highlander variants increase storage boxes and sporting goods. Gas can, roof bags, bike carriers, roof boxes, surfboards, canoe, luggage to kayak storage, mounting space during hiking, overlanding, or road trip during summer, winter, spring, or autumn.

  • Heavy duty
  • Galvanized steel
  • Easy installation
  • Rust free
  • Rising shank design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Stylish roof rack
  • Relatively high weight capacity
  • Has 150 lbs. as load capacity

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2.Thule Canyon Tx 2021 Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Basket With/ Cargo Net Review

Taking our runner-up spot is from Thule as the best roof rack for the 4 cylinder  2021 Toyota highlander that money can buy on different markets such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Rough Country.best roof rack for the 4 cylinder  2021 Toyota highlander Unlike its competitors, Thule Canyon Tx Roof Rack with Cross Bar and Rails is one of the Safest, 100% durable SE, XLE, and Limited  Toyota Highlander roof racks as the manufactured made use of thick aviation aluminum as the primary law material to enhance rust and corrosion resistant characteristics.

Moreover, the Thule Canyon Tx roof rack comes with an industrial-grade black powder coating on the frame to enhance rust and corrosion resistance during your SE Toyota Highlander in salty water or even in brutal winter and snow situations like the Canadian winter.

Thule Canyon Tx  rack cargo basket also takes up a Wedge-shaped design, making it the best low-profile 4-cylinder Toyota Highlander Roof Rack design that integrates both  functionality and style

Additionally, it comes with side walls that are 100% tapered. Because of this reason, loading and unloading bikes, cargo, roof box, or cmpi9ng gear on your Toyota highlander are easy and enjoyable.

It also has 150 pounds as the total cargo load weight capacity, which is even made possible by featuring  -41 x 39 x 5 inches as the internal dimensions. By coming with a relatively large cargo load capacity Thule Canyon Tx Roof Rack Basket With  5th wheel, 6 passengers to 7 passenger Toyota Highlander as   its not associated with any installation problems

  • Installs easily
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Trail Edge design
  • Custom-fit pads
  • versatile mounting hardware
  • Crafted from aluminum and plastic
  • T-Track mounting
  • Crossbars are (sold separately)

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3.Rhino Rack 2014 – 2018 Toyota Highlander XU50 4 dr SUV resistant RCH negro 2 Bar techo Rack JA9702 Review.

Taking the third spot on our review, find Rhino-Rack as the best low-profile roof rack for the 2014 – 2018  and   8th gen Toyota Highlander XU50 4-dr SUV that you can get on the market for under $200  that money can buy. best low-profile roof rack for the 2014 – 2018  and   8th gen Toyota Highlander XU50 4-dr SUVWondering How much weight can a Toyota Highlander Rhino roof rack hold? It can comfortably hold up to 165 lb., also 75 Kg.

Unlike its competitors. Rhino-Rack is easy to install and  100% Removable as it comes with complete installation hardware. Furthermore, the compact nature of the reason works perfectly with heavy on-road and off-road 8th gen Toyota highlander use.

Of all the roof racks on our review, Rhino was the most outstanding brand option as it is the only Toyota Highlander roof rack with key and locks, Locking technology. Because of this reason, Rhino Rack for your Toyota Highlander XU50 4 dr SUV is  100% safe.

Besides featuring a cover with military-grade compartment Allen essential Rhino Rack for 2014 – 2018, Toyota Highlander is also the only brand on our review with prominent precision insert cover pads that ensure the sunroof or the moon for the moon your 4-door Toyota highlander SUV is free from scratches.

Moreover, the  QMVA spacers technology is the primary reason why the Toyota highlander is compatible with this Low-profile roof rack from Rhino, as it makes it easier for you to improve the roof rack Height, thus preventing the rack from scratching the roof of 2014-2018 to current models of Toyota highlander.

  • Heavy duty
  • Rust proof
  • Durable build
  • Low profile
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with complete installation hand
  • ‎Weigh14 pounds

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4.Mockins Extendable Cargo Basket 4 wheel drive Toyota highlander Roof Rack 250lb Carrier Review.

Taking the fourth spot on our review, find an expandable cargo basket carrier from Mockins as the best 4-wheel drive and sports edition Toyota highlander roof rack for fuel economy.best 4-wheel drive and sports edition Toyota highlander roof rack What is more impressive is that this beast has an overall Cargo Set load capacity of up to  250 lb. Take it to the bank that it is one of the safest roof racks on the market for a Toyota highlander as it comes with a bag lock and approximately  4 – 1.5″ inches buckle straps for securing the road on the roof of a Toyota highlander when driving on off-road and on-road trails or tarmac.

It has a Rooftop Cargo that measures approximately 44″,18″, and 34″ inches in length, width, and height consecutively. Due to this reason, Mockins Extendable Cargo Basket Roof Rack creates an addition of  15.5 Cu Ft   100% waterproof load Bag for your Toyota highlander.

Moreover, the Mockins roof rack is  100% durable as the manufacturer made good use of heavy-duty vinyl—material compatible with salty water to harsh Canadian winter as it is abrasion and rust resistant. Even more impressive is that installing this roof rack for a Toyota highlander from Mockins is 100% easy, as no prior cutting, measuring, or drilling is required.

Regardless of where you are, an offload or an on-road Over-landing or road-trip enthusiast quality carry handles which, together with a zipper, make loading and unloading gear from the roof of a Toyota highlander easy and safe.

  • Aero-dynamic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detailed fitting instructions
  • Easy Assembly
  • Incredibly high quality
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Easy Assembly
  • Weighs ‎32 pounds
  • Has 250 lb. load capacity

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5.Prinsu 3rd Gen (2014-2019) Toyota Highlander Full Non-Drill Roof Rack Review.

Next up is non-other than Prinsu as the best heavy-duty roof rack for 3RD GEN (2014-2019)  Toyota highlander that comes slightly under $1000 when you order from the manufacturer, therefore expect a different price when shopping on different market platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or home depot.best heavy-duty roof rack for 3RD GEN (2014-2019)  Toyota highlander Prinsu roof rack also uses powder coat finish or black paint technology to promote rust and abrasion resistance. Moreover, the  Prinsu  3rd Gen Toyota highlander roof rack was molded from stainless steel to enhance the overall harsh weather resistant ability.

Furthermore, by being Zn plated, this roof rack is among the few budget Toyota highlander roof racks on the market. Unlike its competitors, the Prinsu  3rd Gen roof rack comes with complete mounting hardware, so installing the Prinsu  3rd Gen roof rack on a (2014-2019) Toyota Highlander roof is 100% easy as you are only required to mount, screw, and you are going to go.

The manufacturer also used an aluminum plate from 1/8″ 5052  grade material as a wind deflector. This metal deflector’s primary role is to promote the overall roof rack aerodynamics to minimize the noise in the Toyota highlander cabin when driving either on-road or off-road.

Wondering How much weight can a Prinsu rack hold on the roof of a Toyota highlander? This roof rack can comfortably handle a load of approximately 600 LBS. Due to this reason, Prinsu was also the most appropriate roof rack for  2-3 people 3rd Gen Toyota highlander top roof tent.

  • Durable roof rack
  • Wind deflector
  • Low-profile design
  • Rust and 100% proof
  • completely modular
  • Complete kit
  • Bolt-on design
  • ‎Weighs 9 pounds.

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6.Cross Bars Kayak Bike Canoe fit for Toyota Highlander L & LE ( 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023-Current ) Luggage Carrier, Cargo Bag, Basket Roof Racks Review.

Following that up, find Cross Bars rack the best bike and kayak roof rack for 2020-2023 Highlander L & LE without side rails as it is durable and rust resistant.best bike and kayak roof rack for 2020-2023 Highlander L & LE Moreover, 52-inch long types of universal cross rail mounts allow it to be compatible with different roof racks for cars, crossovers, and SUVs, such as Toyota highlander or other models that come with or without raised longitudinal rails.

Thanks to the manufacturer for using Heavy-duty aluminum as the primary raw material of Toyota Highlander L & LE crossbars. Due to this reason, they are compatible with mounting bikes, canoes, surfboards, or kayaks on a Toyota highlander, either when on a road trip in Canada, India, the USA, Europe, or even Australia.

Moreover, they are compatible with roof boxes that allow you to carry all the necessary camping gear and accessories when heading out for your favorite campsite in beautiful savannas such as those of south, east, central Africa, America, or even Canadian winter as they are resistant to corrosion.

With a military-grade locking system that makes good use of a Built-in mechanism, having these roof racks on top of your L & LE Toyota Highlander prevents them from being stolen.

Unlike its predecessors, these cross bars were also the most outstanding brand that is also compatible in transporting either canoes or roof boxes on a Toyota Highlander L & LE.

  • 100% rubber-coated
  • Tested and approved
  • 165-pound load capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Heavy duty
  • Off-road use
  • lightweight construction
  • Has165 Pounds as load capacity

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7.INNO Rack w/o Raised Rail XS250/XB145/K561 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander Roof Rack System Review.

All facts and myths considered INNO Rack w/o Raised Rail were the editors’ pick of best roof rack for 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander and limited-edition models due to its low-profile design.best roof rack for 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander and limited-edition Moreover, the Low-profile fitting technology of this roof rack is why we found it to be compatible with Gen1 4dr With Roof Rails and Gen2, (incl. Hybrid) 4dr SUVs, which are all Toyota highlander variants that debuted between the years  2001-2007 and  2008-2013, respectively.

Maintaining the same frequency mentioning that comes with locks and keys, due to this reason, is one of the safest Toyota roof racks on our review that makes good use of anti-theft technology.

Unlike other roof racks in our review comes with an easy-to-use Torque knob—the primary role of the Toyota highlander INNO Rack Torque knob is to prevent roof damage through over-tightening.

The Torque knob is essential as it makes it easier to mount the INNO Rack roof rack on a Toyota highlander with frozen hands. Other than minimizing overall, Toyota highlander’s fuel consumption economy can support approximately   165 pounds as the maximum load capacity of cargo, luggage, or gear on the roof.

  • Raised roof rack
  • Low-profile design
  • Compact roof rack
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • 165 Pounds load capacity
  • American product
  • Readily available
  • Loading and unloading are easy
  • available in black color

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8.VORTEX RVP BLACK 2014 to 2020 Bare  Roof TOYOTA Highlander Gen3, XU50 5dr SUV 2 BAR Defender Bolt Together Roof Rack Review.

Next is the VORTEX RVP BLACK, the best Gen3 TOYOTA Highlander roof rack with LED light mounting bar kits. By coming with both complete installation hardware and kit, we also found the most appropriate roof rack for XU70 5dr SUV Gen4 Bare Roof 2020-2021 TOYOTA Highlander.best Gen3 TOYOTA Highlander roof rack with LED light mounting bar Furthermore, VORTEX RVP is also dual a duty Toyota highlander roof rack system. It comes with all the necessary mounting and installation accessories. It is compatible with off-road and on-road tasks such as carrying camping, hiking, camping gear, and supporting Toyota highlander top roof tent.

Lastly, the VORTEX RVP roof rack features a Wind fairing as a prime wind deflecting technology not only to minimize noise when driving but also to minimize air and Toyota highlander friction, thus resulting in a smooth driving experience.

For added security, VORTEX RVP also qualifies to eb on our list as a Toyota highlander roof rack with both lock and key. It also comes with trail jacks, gas cans, axes, and shovel accessories that make mounting them on aXU50 5dr SUV and XU50 4dr SUV With Flush Rails Gen4 Toyota Highlander variants.

Furthermore, installing a VORTEX RVP  rack on a Toyota highlander roof is unconditionally easy as it features a leg clamp attachment that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Apart from the step-by-step installation procedure of the VORTEX RVP  roof rack being easy, it comes with high-quality steel clamps that are 100% rubber-coated to prevent the roof, moonroof, or sunroof of Toyota highlander from scratches and possible damage.

  • Compatible with a bare roof
  • Universal roof rack
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Easy assembly
  • black powder coat
  • 3rd and 4th gen variant compatible
  • Luxurious Package
  • Relatively pricey

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9.Brightline’s Cross Bars Replacement 2014-2019 (Silver) Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum XLE And Limited SE Roof Rack Review.

The second last post on our review is the top-rated roof rack that fits effectively to Limited, SE, and  2014-2019 Toyota Highlander XLE models that come with factory roof side rails. Moreover, BrightLines comes with heavy-duty silver cross bars as a pair. Due to this reason, BrightLines replacement roof rack allows you to mount bikes, kayaks easily, and canoes to roof boxes on the roof of Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum XLE and Limited SE variants with ease without prior drilling, grinding, or even cutting.

With 150lbs as the recommended load capacity, expect to carry heavy gear and other accessories on a Toyota highlander roof like a top roof tent or camping tent when heading out for an overland expedition.

This roof rack is aerodynamic to minimize noise when driving either on-road or off-road. Moreover, the aerodynamic design of BrightLines roof rack is equally vital in minimizing friction force also maintaining a recommendable fuel consumption economy.

It also comes with a complete installation kit. If not hardware as in the Package, you should expect to find one crossbars pair, instructions manual, and four mounts.

As a result, mounting and screwing are all you must do to fully install the roof rack on Platinum XLE and Limited SE Toyota highlander. Unlike its competitors, it is the only roof rack not compatible with  LE, LE Hybrid, plus Toyota highlander models.

  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Bolt-on design
  • Compact construction design
  • Supports 150lbs Load capacity
  • Silver ion color
  • Aero-dynamic
  • Load capacity can be modified.

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10.Rhino rack RLTP TRACK MOUNT 2 BAR TOYOTA Highlander Gen1 4dr SUV 2001 To 2007 BLACK HEAVY-DUTY Fiberglass Roof Rack Review.

Taking the last but not least spot on our review, find BLACK  RLTP TRACK MOUNT 2 BAR, an industrial grade roof rack from Rhino rack, as the best roof rack for TOYOTA Highlander Gen1 4dr SUV from 2001-2007.best roof rack for TOYOTA Highlander Gen1 4dr SUV from 2001-2007 One of the noteworthy features is that I come with Santoprene rubber pads. Because of this reason, protect the roof and sunroof of the Toyota highlander from the possible scratch situation when mounting bikes, cargos, canoes, or kayaks on the roof.

It was also the best fiberglass roof rack for Toyota highlander on today’s post as it comes with incredible strength made possible by Glass Reinforced Nylon technology on the rack legs.

Regardless of the topography, you will drive a Toyota highlander, expect to enjoy a fantastic fuel consumption economy as it features Rhino-Rack Vortex bars technology defined by modern wind noise and friction reducing technology possible by the presence of  VGS strips mechanism.

It also takes up a bolt-on design. Due to this reason, installing on Toyota highlander only takes minutes regardless of whether you have or don’t have prior experience.

Moreover, the rhino rack is one of the most affordable Toyota highlander roof racks that come under  $700, but the price varies from one market platform to another.

  • Decently priced
  • off-road use
  • long-term performance
  • Top tent compatible
  • Easy assembly
  • Rust free
  • Simple and effective
  • It comes with a lock and key
  • Item weights ‎14 pounds

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Not Sure What to Do Next?

Thule 2021 Toyota highlander roof rack took our top rated position, while MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar,  took our runner-up and finally Prinsu Full Non-Drill Roof Rack which took our third position were the best roof rack for Toyota highlander as they transport snowboards, bulky skis, and kayak or even canoe much achievable.

Moreover, the two Toyota highlander roof rack comes from manufacturers that have perfected the art rack manufacturing for decades, therefore, durability and effectiveness.

So what is your go-to Toyota highlander roof rack on our list?


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