12 Best Roof Rack For Sprinter Van Of 2023

The best Roof Rack For Sprinter Van should be adjustable, Sleek, waterproof rust proof/resistant, and also take a 100% low profile and an aerodynamic design/shape to maintain the right Sprinter Van fuel economy either when loaded or empty.

best ladder Roof Rack For A 4x4 Sprinter Van Conversion
Van Ladder Rack

Consequently, Sprinter Van roof rack brands should have a high weight load capacity when it comes to mounting or transporting extra cargo/gear/kayak/bike/canoe or even luggage without towing, bringing along a 2nd Sprinter Van or even hiring U-Haul trailer services experts.

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Reviews: 12 Best Roof Rack For Sprinter Van 2023

1. Weather Guard Aluminess 4×4 Sprinter Van Modular Ladder Rack Complete Roof Rack kit.

Taking the top position on our review find the best Aluminum Roof Rack For A 4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion. The most interesting thing is that this roof rack kit is compatible with the SPRINTER 170 high roof and the LOW ROOF SPRINTER 144 van models, as it is both rust and waterproof. Moreover, by talking Double Loop design Aluminess 4×4 Sprinter Van Modular roof rack is compatible with mounting sprinter van top roof tent, cargo box, kayak roof rack to bike roof racks. Also, unlike other sprinter vans on our list comes with a textured coating which improves roof rack rust-proof and overall van aesthetics.

Pro Tip”Furthermore, a quality Sprinter Van roof rack should feature innovative safety systems such as an antitheft or key and lock mechanism and be spacious to create extra /ample/ cargo, gear, bikes, kayaks, canoes, or gear mounting space for all Sprinter Van occupants.

In addition, it also comes with a quality aerodynamics design which, together with an aluminess wind deflector, keeps your sprinter van away from vibration, rattle, and wind noise. It is also compatible with different sprinter van ladders, such as the Surco or the factory reset ladder option from Aluminess.

Following that up by taking Low Profile basket design and a slat flooring mechanism creates an aerodynamic shape which does not only minimize wind noise but also fuel economy when driving a sprinter van either on-road or off-road.

Lastly, by being created from a lightweight aluminum material is not only Walkable but compatible with factory rest (2006-Current Date) Mercedes Sprinter L4H2 and the 2006-2017 Volkswagen Crafter L4H2 roof rack mount hardware hence both the process of tying down cargo with straps is both easy and safe.

  • Light in weight
  • Take a streamlined shape
  • Robust structure
  • sensible price
  • Textured coating
  • Requires installation tools
  • No foldable

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2.Thule Elite 2 Bike Xt Mb Sprinter Van Rack Complete Kit.

Taking the second spot on our review find as the best 2 Bike rack for different models of Sprinter Van such as the Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer Cargo Van, Crew Van, Passenger Sprinter Van and the Ram Pro Master Sprinter Vans as is versatile.best 2 Bike rack for different models of Sprinter Van Furthermore, the Thule Elite Xt Mb bike rack also works with the Sprinter AWD system as it comes with  75 lbs as the maximum load Weight Capacity, hence you can easily mount 2 bikes with great ease.
Moreover, it is recommended that Sprinter Van roof racks frame These roof racks should also come with a complete mounting hardware tool kit, manufacturer’s warranty, and an easy-to-follow manual, to make the Sprinter Van roof rack installation process easy and safe.

Also, the entire process of how to install these 2 bike racks on the sprinter is not only easy but safe as it comes quality platform bike rack, which professionally fits on the sprinter van factor rest rack mount hardware present on different sprinter van model’s rear doors panels.

However, despite this Elite 2 Bike sprinter van rack from Thule Elit coming with a100% Easy to use mounting accessories and a detachable arms mechanism that professionally locks the two bikes you are transporting to the bike rack, it does not comes with a  key, and locks as they are sold separately.

Lastly, other than featuring approximately 7.5″  inches as the overall bike tray space it also takes up a folding sprinter van bike rack technology. Due to this reason, mounting, assembly loading unloading, or even locking sprinter van doors is 100% possible without having to unmount your bikes or disassembly the roof rack.

  • Works with 2 Bike
  • Features adjustable frame height
  • Easy installation
  • 75 lbs. as weight load capacity
  • Backed up by Thule warranty
  • Wheel holders are adjustable
  • Foldable bike rack
  • Relatively pricey
  • Weighs 20.95 Pounds

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3.Thule Compass Kayak/ SUP Carrier Sprinter Van Roof Rack Kit

Third on our review find the Compass Kayak/ SUP Carrier from Thule as our best kayak, canoe, and sup board carrier roof rack for Sprinter Van under $400 for sale on the market.best kayak, canoe, and sup board carrier roof rack for Sprinter Van under $400

  • Decently priced
  • Versatile sprinter van roof rack
  • 130 lbs load capacity
  • Tool-free install
  • Folds down flat
  • Feature rubber saddles
  • Rust free frames
  • Weight 20 lbs
  • Only roof compatible

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4.Cruz Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 /Mercedes Sprinter L3H2 (2006-Current) Roof Rack Heavy Duty Kit.

Taking the fifth spot in our review Cruz Heavy Duty roof rack is the best after-market Steel roof rack for Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 or the Mercedes L3H2 2006-Current sprinter van models. It comes with quality roof rack mounting hardware which allows it to be compatible with factory-reset Volkswagen /Mercedes Roof rack mounting points on the roof.best after-market Steel roof rack for Volkswagen Crafter L3H2 or the Mercedes L3H2 2006-Current sprinter van Because of this reason, no prior experience, knowledge of tools, or even cutting or grinding is necessary. Moreover, this Roof rack comes with 440×158 as the factory rest measurements hence work effectively with automatic and manual Sprinter vans either from ford, Volkswagen, or even  Mercedes.

In addition, Cruz also made good use of premium alloy aluminum as the primary  Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter (2006-Current)  raw material for the Roof Rack. As, a result, the roof rack is both durable and also rust, water, and harsh weather conditions proof as it features smooth black powder coating technology.

Lastly, the alloy aluminum frame design of the sprinter roof rack from Cruz is equally vital as it makes it easier for installation of additional conversion van roof rack panel accessories such solar panels, gas tank, extra tire to wind deflectors and break/led light installation to be achievable.

  • Black finish powder coating
  • Rustproof sprinter van roof rack
  • Doe, not scratch or damage the roof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • No drilling
  • Relatively expensive

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5.Surco 093F99 Stainless Steel Ford /Mercedes sprinter Van Ladder Complete Kit.

Taking the fourth sport on our review, find a van ladder from Surco as a must-have accessories option during a DIY sprinter van roof rack with ladder forging or building process.Best roof ladder access ladder for sprinter van It is 100% rust-free and durable as Surco made good use of stainless steel during the process of manufacturing the heavy-duty ladder that fits single and double-door sprinter vans.

Correspondingly, Surco Van Ladder comes with quality frames that take up an Electro-polished finish mechanism. As a result, both the ladder, roof rack, and d sprinter van roof rack factory rest mounts are 100% free from paint damage, rust, and even corrosion instances.

Not only is the Surco 093F99 sprinter Van roof panel access Ladder manufactured from Stainless Steel but also plays a vital role in making it easy for a DIY sprinter van conversions roof rack accessible and safe, unlike other van ladder brands.

Moreover, being 100% an American brand and also being Made in the USA guarantees you quality performance and durability, or even get your money back as per the Surco sprinter Van ladders manufacturer warranty.

  • Four-step ladder`
  • Non-slip steps
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Durable roof rack ladder
  • High-Quality ladder steps
  • Does not come with a roof rack
  • Weighs

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6. Thule Pro Ride XT Mercedes Sprinter Roof Bike Rack Roof Rack.

Following that up in case you will need the desire to transport an extra bike on the roof of your sprinter van either the Mercedes Sprinter then consider going for a Thule Pro ride XT as it was our editor’s pick of the best budget bike roof rack for sprinter van as it comes just under $1000.best budget bike roof rack for sprinter vanAs a matter of fact, the Thule Pro ride XT bike roof rack for the Mercedes Sprinter comes with double extending arms thus it makes it easier to either mount or un-mount a bike from the roof panel at just a waist height.

To put it another way, Thule also integrated a quality Lift-assist technology thus how installing a Thule bike rack on a sprinter van roof is 100% easy regardless of whether you are an expert, armature, or sprinter van beginner.

On the positive side, Thule Pro ride XT  is among the few sprinter van bike roof rack under $1000 that happens to un conditionally Corrosion-resistant as double-coated aluminum was used as the primary bike rack frame construction material.

Lastly, other than being a 100% universal sprinter van bike carrier rack it also makes it possible to securely Lock the bike to the sprinter van with great ease. The only downside of this sprinter van roof bike carrier is that both key and lock accessories are sold separately.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quality locking system
  • Soft claw pads
  • Versatile design
  • Universal Fit technology
  • Aluminum frames

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7.SPRINTER SAFARI Ladder Compatible Mercedes Sprinter Van Roof Rack Kit.

Next up is the SAFARI Rack from SPRINTER, the best roof rack that works with different types of sprinter van ladder brands as it features a versatile and customizable design. By being a customizable brand, the SPRINTER roof rack, therefore, fit effectively onto the 144, 170 diesel, and petrol 4×4 sprinter vans.best roof rack that works with different types of sprinter van ladder In the first place, it fits perfectly on the roof panel of the 2007 Mercedes Benz models of Sprinter Vans that takes up a High Roof design. Moreover, it has quality wire chase channels that were integrated by SPRINTER.

Furthermore, the safari sprinter van roof rack from SPRINTER comes with quality 8020 crossbars with not only a modern but 1000% complete built-in slots hardware kit.

Coming with a complete installation hardware kit, mounting sprinter van roof accessories or gear, solar panels, cargo baskets, and roof boxes to kayaks requires no special tools, skills, or accessories when using this ladder roof rack for a sprinter van from Safari.

Lastly, other than being compatible with different sprinter van Roof Top Tents also known (as RTTs) it also comes with aluminum decking panels that are both DIY ladder-Friendly.

  • Forklift-free Installation
  • Roof Top Tents compatible
  • Rust-free and 100% customizable
  • aluminum decking panels
  • Decently priced
  • Has wire chase channel
  • Compact frame construction.
  • Expensive roof rack
  • Requires skilled labor

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8.Cciyu Van Ladder -500 Lb. Chevy Express 2500 / Ford E-250/ Sprinter 350 / Dodge /GMC Savana Roof Mount Van Rack Kit.

Next up find the Cciyu van rack as the best non-drill ladder roof rack for a sprinter van for sale on the market for under $500. It also comes with a quality rain gutter, thus it gives your sprinter van water protection and also a dash of aggressive appearance.best non-drill ladder roof rack for a sprinter van It is also one of the universal ladder roof racks you can get under $200, as it is compatible with Chevy /Dodge /Ford to GMC Savana sprinter van models.

Apart from being modeled from High-Grade aluminum as the primary frame raw material, Cciyu also made sure that frames are also 100% powered coated to make them more reliable, high performing, and also long-lasting by turning them to be 100% rust and waterproof.

In addition, by taking up a 100% steel tubing design, the Cciyu van roof rack model was also made it to our all-time All-Purpose roof rack brand option for full-size sprinter vans provides as it offers heavy-duty mounting capabilities from ladders to offer quality support when mounting or transporting the kayak on sprinter roof.

In addition, by taking a simple Design, the Cciyu van is among the No Tools install brand options as it comes with a sensitive Easy turn knob which makes the overall install process quick and easier for both sprinters van enthusiasts who are armatures, beginners, or even experts with our without prior experience.

  • Cooler looking rack
  • Rust proof
  • Off-road sprinter roof rack
  • Rust free
  • Quick installation
  • Not Labor Intensive
  • Relatively pricey
  • Weighs 33.3 pounds

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9.Front Runner Slimline II Sprinter Van Roof Rack With Awning Complete Kit.

Taking the second last position, our list finds a Front Runner Slimline II as the best roof rack for a sprinter van compatible with an anchoring awning and sprinter van rooftop tent on the market. Unlike its competitors in this class, the Slimline II Sprinter Van roof rack installs easily as being a universal brand and works perfectly with factory Sprinter Van mounting points. best roof rack for a sprinter vanGood things first, by coming with 1964mm/77.3″ as the approximate length, it creates additional cargo space which makes it to be compatible with Slimline II Tray to offer additional cargo load capacity during off-road.

Furthermore, it also comes with quality Wind Deflectors which are also manufactured by 2 Front Runner. Due to this reason, expect to enjoy a smooth ride during off-road, trails, and on-road trips, either when driving a luxury sprinter van or from Mercedes sprinter 170.

The manufacturers also include quality Foot Rails which make the overall process of installing/mounting the Slimline II Tray roof rack from the Front Runner to your sprinter van roof panel safe and easy.

Generally speaking, just like other options in our review Front Runner Slimline II other than being STRONG, lightweight it was also found to be our top-rated MODULAR and LOW PROFILE sprinter van roof rack for anchoring or mounting awning and top tent respectively on the market that is compatible with a ladder which has to be procured differently.

  • Features Wind Deflector
  • powder-coated frames
  • Rust and water proof roof rack.
  • Features a slimline II Tray
  • Easy to customize
  • Ladder compatible
  • Steel construction

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10.AluRack AR1930 Prime Design 170″ Wheel Base High Roof Mercedes Sprinter van Factory Channels Roof rack kit.

AluRack AR1930 Prime Design took our last spot and best roof rack for a high-roof Mercedes Sprinter van. Moreover, the AluRack AR1930 roof rack complete kit is only RUGGED but also DURABLE as made use of military-grade anodized aluminum as sprinter van roof rack frame raw materials.best roof rack for a high-roof Mercedes Sprinter van. It also takes up AERODYNAMIC DESIGN which other than moderating sprinter van fuel consumption positively minimizes wind and rattles noise when driving with an empty or loaded roof rack.

Unlike other sprinter roof racks in our review comes with a REAR ROLLER design which not only makes loading, mounting, and unloading cargo boxes, luggage, gear, and roof boxes to sprinter van cargo tents not only easy but 100% safe.

Despite weighing approximately 30% less than other steel sprinter van roof racks brands in this segment, AluRack AR1930 sprinter van roof rack showcases an impressive 350 pounds as the maximum roof rack load weight capacity.

In addition, approximately 350 pounds as the maximum load capacity was found to also be the best roof rack for mounting solar panels in different models of sprinter vans without scratching the roof by causing paint damage.

  • Durable roof rack
  • accurate fit
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Rattle noise-free roof rack
  • safe and easy to use
  • compatible with sprinter van aerodynamic aesthetics
  • simple installation
  • No refund if damaged

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11.Vantech H3 65″ 3 Bar 2007-Current Sprinter Ladder roof Rack Kit

Next up find Vantech H3 as the overall best ladder roof rack for 2007-Current Sprinter vans either diesel or petrol/gas on the market. Furthermore, it features industrial grade A286 Crossbars which are both rust, compact, and corrosion resistant as Vantech made use of aluminum material to reinforce the roof rack frames.best ladder roof rack for 2007-Current Sprinter vans Moreover, it comes with high-grade channels from the same manufacturer to offer 144 or 170 sprinter van 4×4 enthusiasts a great opportunity of mounting different types of roof rack accessories.

It also takes up an aerodynamic design which, together with quality rubber bar guards, plays a considerable role in neutralizing rattle noise and vibration when driving a sprinter van with empty or loaded ladder rack roof racks.

The only downside of this sprinter van ladder rack is that for a complete installation to take place you will have to purchase Sprinter roof tracks models according to the manufacturers R20 and R21 are the track parts model numbers you should consider getting exactly.

You can also easily install the Vantect ladder rack on the sprinter van with a special tool or prior drilling as it fits easily to the Sprinter’s van factory tracks system without even the need of having a 45-degree adaptor.

It works perfectly with factory roof rack tracks of luxury sprinter vans, due to this reason, adding additional storage, luggage, gear, cargo, bikes, or kayaks carrier roof rack accessories is 100% safe and achievable.

  • Aluminum roof rack
  • Easy installation
  • Uses a crossbar/roof mount
  • Durable ladder rack
  • No drill installation
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Weighs 40 Pounds
  • Not foldable

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12.Vantech Dodge/ Mercedes Sprinter 170 Wheel Base Roof Rack Rails Track Kit.

Vantech 170 Wheel Base track was our editor’s pick of the best OEM Mercedes/ Dodge sprinter van roof rails that come as a complete kit, as no prior drilling or even cutting is necessary during the factory OEM sprinter van roof rack installation process.best OEM Mercedes/ Dodge sprinter van roof rails The foot rails also make to make it to our rattle-free sprinter roof rack that works perfectly with top tents and awnings. Moreover, installing OEM Mercedes/ Dodge roof rails from Vantech on a sprinter van roof panel is both easy and safe as it is compatible with factory sprinter van roof rail track nuts and bolts.

Another advantage of sprinter factory roof rails from Vantech is that it is compatible with approximately 1-inch sliders that make it easy for both customization and installation of other sprinter van roof rack accessories, technologies, or even systems such as solar panels, cargo basket, roof boxes, top tent to sprinter shower possible.

Another reason why we found Vantect as our sprinter van roof rail slide kit is that it comes with A, B, and C frames segment, which makes it fit either 144 or 170 Mercedes Benz models of the sprinter vans.

  • stainless steel
  • Complete hardware
  • Silver in appearance
  • American brand
  • Decently priced
  • Customizable OEM roof rails
  • Not foldable
  • Weighs 2 pounds

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Wrap Up

Looking to safely transport more or extra cargo, roof boxes, bike, cargo baskets, kayaks, canoes, gear ladders, or even passengers hiking or road trip gear on Sprinter van?

Well, aluminum roof racks for a sprinter van , Vantech H3 2007-Current Sprinter Ladder roof Rack, and Prinsu Sprinter Van 144 Roof Rack was the top-rated brand of Best Roof Rack For Sprinter Van on the market as they are 100% up to the task.

Moreover, all the Sprinter Van roof rack brands on our list are equally effective as they are all, durable, and rust-proof as frames are powered coated by a satin black uniform finish.

In conclusion, all the products on this round-up are also light in weight and also come with a wind deflector to neutralize or minimize wind and rattle noise down resulting from vibration when driving Sprinter Van either on-road or off-road.


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