5 Best Cargo Box For Can-Am Outlander 2023

With all factors considered Kemimoto Maverick X3 Trunk Storage/Cargo Box and the Can-am Outlander 450 Storage Box were our editor’s pick of the rear and front best Cargo Box For Can-Am Outlander, respectively.


These cargo boxes are also compatible with a wide range of Can-Am Outlander models from other brands such Honda, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Polaris.

Furthermore, a quality Can-Am Outlander cargo box should be waterproof and compatible with fuse brake pads and with all types of windshield transmission signals.

Let’s Dive into our can-am outlander cargo box teardown!

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Reviews: 5 Best Cargo Box For Can-Am Outlander 2023

1.Can-Am Outlander MAX LinQ Storage/Cargo Box kit

Taking the top of our list find Can-Am LinQ  cargo box Outlander MAX  as editors pick the best performance best low-profile cargo box for can am outlander under $400 available for sale today.best performance best low-profile cargo box for can am outlander under $400 Despite taking an open yet low-profile design LinQ Storage Box kit create enough cargo space for new and old Outlander MAX models. Furthermore, injected polypropylene offer not only unconditional but also military-grade impact-resistant.

It also takes up a Low-profile Can-Am Outlander cargo box design which together with the ability of the Can-Am Outlander basket to easily offers unquestionably yet easy access to various Can-Am Outlander accessories such as tools, plow accessories, winch to recovery rope during trail road trips expedition.

However, the manufacturers say that a LinQ Base  is one of the major access that you should have to ensure that the G2L works perfectly. it also comes with effective tie-down anchor points and Multiple bungee cords which are 100% durable.

Moreover, Outlander LinQ Storage Box features high-quality tie-down and bungee cord molded from injected polypropylene that happens to be impact-resistant, hence the process of installing, mounting, or anchoring a cargo box on Can-Am Outlander is not only safe but 100% easy.

  • Fully sealed cargo box
  • tie-down anchor technology
  • Impact resistant
  • Quality bungee cord
  • Durable
  • Backed by the manufactures warranty
  • Easy access and installation
  • Weighs ‎46 pounds

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2.Can-Am 45L 715003879 New Oem complete Cargo Box Kit.

Second, on our list find a 45L New Oem 715003879 storage box from Can-Am official stores as our budget yet the overall best 45L cargo box for can am outlander 450 xmr that comes under $400.best 45L cargo box for can am outlander 450 xmrIn addition, the LinQ cargo Storage Box kit was crafted with on-road, off-road, and trail Can-Am Outlander users in mind making not only a reliable yet a high-performing 2022 Can-Am Outlander model cargo box on the market today.

In addition, it is one of the easy-to-install Can-am outlander cargo boxes in our review as it features ab 100% responsive twist and push knob which makes the process of how to uninstall a cargo box on Can-Am Outlander factory reset mounts.

It is also molded from high-quality material that other than being waterproof is also resistant to prevailing weather conditions. Due to this reason, the cargo box is compatible with the trail, offroad, and on-road Can-Am Outlander riding or driving experience.

Lastly, another major reason why we picked a preferred cargo box is that the manufacturer did not only manufacture from lightweight but also industrial-grade polyethylene plastic raw material. Beacuse of this reason, the 45-liter cargo both is both water and harsh weather compatible.

  • Waterproof cargo box
  • Easy to install
  • Rust proof
  • Durable roof box
  • Offroad and on-road compatible
  • Requires minimal prior skills
  • low-quality latches

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3.X3 Trunk Maverick/Kemimoto X3 Accessories /Outlander(Except 6×6) Commander/ Renegadex3 Can Am Rear Cargo Storage Rack Box Kit.

can am outlander cargo box installation is easy as it comes with all the hardware necessary. Due to this reason is compatible with even the modern outlander max 6×6 xt 1000 ATV amphibious models on the market as it is both heavy duty and 100% rust resistant.best cargo box for can am outlander DPS 650 Furthermore, by also come with another reason why we found it to fit exactly into the outlander max 6×6 xt 1000 cargo rack with great ease without prior cutting or drilling.

Taking the third spot on our review find the best cargo box for can am outlander DPS 650 under $400 for sale near you either on amazon eBay or other market platforms.

It is powered by an unconditionally strong Buckle and military-grade elastic closure technology. As a consequence both the elastic and buckle closure technology together with an air-tight rubber seal ensure that your ATV, UTV, side by side or four-wheeler gear in the Can-Am Outlander Renegade cargo box is 100% free from dust during off-road, trail, or on road trips.

  • Unconditional customer support
  • Easy installation
  • Manufacturing Not Discontinued
  • 100% waterproof
  • Reliable key and lock technology
  • outlander max 6×6 xt 1000 cargo box
  • Weighs ‎1 pound

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4.ECOTRIC 2013-2021 Maverick X3 Can-Am Outlander Renegade 715003879 12 Gal (45L) Storage/carrier Cargo Box Kit.

Next up find ECOTRIC 12 Gal (45L) Storage/carrier kit as the best cargo box for a can-am outlander Kawasaki mule and the 2013-2021 Maverick X3 on the market. The good thing first, is elastic and buckle Can-Am Outlander cargo closure minimizes rattle and wind noise when enjoying Can-Am Outlander off-road road trips and adventures.best cargo box for a can-am outlander Kawasaki mule and the 2013-2021 Maverick X3 In the second place, the also comes with 12 Gal (45L) as the approximately Can-Am Outlander load capacity hence compatible with 1,2,3 or 4 personal computing or Overlanding gear during a four-wheeler or side by side Can-Am Outlander road trip.

However, despite coming with easy-to-follow INSTALLATION TIPS Maverick X3 Can-am 12-gallon rear trunk cargo box does not come with installation tools. Due to this reason, unlike other rear cargo boxes for our review, you will have to buy ECOTRIC 12 Gal (45L) Storage installation tools accessories kit separately.

Furthermore, the manufacturer according to our opinion does and did not have Can-Am Outlander Renegade cargo box enthusiasts in mind during and after the Can-Am Outlander Renegade cargo box manufacturing process, as the manufacturer recommends their customers find the guide on how to install a Maverick X3 12-gallon rear trunk cargo box for Can-am Outlander Renegade on YouTube.

  • Comes with an installation manual
  • Molded from plastic material
  • 12 Gal (45L) cargo box
  • Semi-rigid cargo box
  • Elastic and Buckle closure
  • Does not take a folding design
  • Employs anti-cracking and anti-fading technology
  • ‎ 46 pounds overall weight
  • installation tools not included

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5.Kemimoto Maverick X3 / Outlander/ Renegade, Rear Rack Bed Trunk Storage/Cargo Box Complete OEM Replace Kit.

Taking the fifth spot on our review find Kemimoto Rear Rack Bed Trunk StorageBox as the best cargo box for 2016 /2017/ 2018 Can-Am Outlander models such as the 2022 G2, Maverick, Maverick X3, Maverick MAX to the Maverick X3 MAX as it has a load carrying capacity of 8 GAL or if you may like 30 Liter.best cargo box for 2016 /2017/ 2018 Can-Am Outlander Following that up by featuring 8 Gallons as the maximum load capacity Kemimoto X3 Can-Am Outlander bed box is 100% compatible with carrying or transporting tools, such as Can-Am Outlander gloves, spare exhaust pipes, and other repair tools.

However, despite being compatible with a wide range of Can-Am Outlander models it does not comes with a cooler function or a functional drainage mechanism.

However, unlike other products in our review, the Kemimoto Maverick X3 Can-Am Outlander cargo box is not only studied but unconditionally durable as it was crafted from Low-Density Polyethylene.

Other than being waterproof, the durable Kemimoto Can-Am Outlander cargo box being molded from a Low-Density Polyethylene is the other reason why it is both rust, dust, and waterproof.

Moreover, it features an effective lock catch technology which other than minimizing rattle noise either during road or offroad road trips also acts as premium antitheft technology by preventing the Kemimoto Can-Am Outlander cargo box from accidentally opening.

  • Complete OEM Replace kit
  • Features Mounting Hardware
  • Easy to use
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Crafted from Polyethylene material
  • lock catch technology
  • No key and lock mechanism
  • Weights ‎4 pounds

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Wrap Up

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Best Cargo Box For Can-Am Outlander should be compatible with led headlights, and air filter accessories even with aftermarket ATV tires and also work with various installation bolt patterns.

So what is your go-to Can-Am Outlander cargo from our list or your favorite local dealer? well let us know in our comment section and we will give you a 100% review tear down in detail.


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